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These 3 hotties are a little inexperienced and a bit shy. But once they trust their instincts, their little dinner party is going to turn into and orgy! Once those hands are down pants and dicks are out, they are going to suck until their angle faces are full of spunk! Bonus, couple of twink suck each other into a juice flying 69!

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On the construction site, Martin, 20 and hot, got the job because of his hotness. He's completely in the know about this and goes…

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This Ebony stud has nuts full of cum wants to make himself useful and agreeable! He's going to go hitchhiking for a fuck so he…

  • 22 minutes
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Stan and Dimitri are superbly dark and muscular and meet for the first time in a Castle's park. Dimitri reals him in with his…

  • 26 minutes
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A couple of studs go for a picnic in the green meadow. Once they've eaten their cake and yogurt, they're going to throw off the…

  • 18 minutes
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Having an early morning coffee, Jimmy sees and hot dude who's a little older than him. With his angel face, he sends him some…

  • 14 minutes
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Looking for a new apartment, Brice Farmer asks around to see if someone wants to room together. He ends up with Samir, who…

  • 11 minutes
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When blackmailing starts, it's hard to stop! Samir calls in his roomies, Batiste and Juan-Felipe to "test" Brice. They are going…

  • 17 minutes
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7:30pm. Brice Farmer visits an apartment. This is without a doubt his last chance to find one. However, he's still reticent. He…

  • 13 minutes
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Gerald, the hottest ebony stud on our site, is going to get muscled up by another ebony stallion whose works are the size of a pony! The twink is going to go dizzy in between his arms and thighs in order to taste the full length of his huge weapon right in the ass! In the middle of a steamy scene of sodomy, a guy even brings them tea! He won't…

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Even though they just met, these 2 studs are going to spend the night together and have the ultra-sex of a lifetime! The proof is…

  • 16 minutes
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David is organizing a shoot with 3 models. After a couple of softcore poses, the photographer orders them to start fucking each…

  • 14 minutes
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Today, David has 3 photo shoots. Grégoire, a newbie 19 year old lets himself get undressed timidly in front of the camera. Once…

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With his teasing look on his handsome face, Ludovic picks up dudes like there's no tomorrow! A jogger goes by with his package…

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