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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his knees and they get out their cocks! He obediently gets his lips around the whole squads hoses, especially the enormous cock that Malik sports. But it's when he gets it in the ass that the hole place goes down…

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This Ebony stud has nuts full of cum wants to make himself useful and agreeable! He's going to go hitchhiking for a fuck so he…

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A 5 man orgy has begun on a set of mattresses and the quintet of cock is navigating from mouth to mouth! The hormones are boiling…

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Il n'avait jamais fait ça avec un autre homme... Mais aujourd'hui, Karim s'est fait chopper par un beau mec baraqué et il va…

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They fucked all night! In the morning these 3 hard bodies are going to shower up! It's when things get quiet that they start…

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This vid is flaming hot! Evan picks up a doe-eyed twink who's hungry for some huge cock and digs right in. Sofiane wants to get…

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A thin and hairless 19 year old finds himself with a pair of muscular dudes. In the shower, they start licking each other all…

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Pour fêter la fin des partiels, Kamzouze et son pote actif ont décidé de se partager le bon cul d'une lope. Les deux lascars son plutôt mignons : ils ont eu l'embarras du choix et n'ont eu qu'à choper le premier p'tit minou qui passait par là ! Les trois jeunes mecs vont d'abord se bouffer la bite à plusieurs, puis nos deux actifs vont…

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Check out Malik and his section chief on a rescue boat in the Mediterranean. After diving, Malik comes to the surface and soon we…

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This is the best video! See a dark dude and then a blonde blow their wad. Then there’s a gangbang. 3 guys against a dude who…

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Looking for a new apartment, Brice Farmer asks around to see if someone wants to room together. He ends up with Samir, who…

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When blackmailing starts, it's hard to stop! Samir calls in his roomies, Batiste and Juan-Felipe to "test" Brice. They are going…

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Safir finds himself in jail with a drunk. He falls asleep against him so Safir fishes his cock out of his pants and puts it in…

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Hard cocking North African stud looking for someone cock hungry. Tim, who has had a little run of bad luck getting some ass,…

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