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In a a huge, luxurious villa, a cook and a bodyguard are getting worked up with big kisses and rubbing each other's package! That's when Angel Daemon (aka The Boss) walks in. "I don't pay you two to fuck!" he says, but jumps in anyway. The 2…

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Hard cocking North African stud looking for someone cock hungry. Tim, who has had a little run of bad luck getting some ass, doesn't hesitate a second to reply to this classified ad. He knows North African studs are hung like bulls. Mourad has him…

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Mourad and Hakim are neighbors. Mourad has always been into his tight little ass. He's finally going to get his chance to initiate it. He comes back to his place and eats he ass out copiously. Once he's thoroughly sucked, Mourad is going to lick…

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Thanks to a strike, Loïc is going to stay over at Momo's, who is one of his workers. Mourad and Kamel, his roommates who come from the country, are going to turn this white collar boss into a docile little bitch with cock and verbal lashings! Over…

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A couple of young Berliners are walking around in the sun. They are suddenly itching to fuck and go to a nearby hotel. Getting all hot on the bed, a third man, all tattooed and muscular, joins the action. At first he watches but in that battle of…

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Des scènes de baise spontanée tournée à l’extérieur, décompressage entre potes hétéros et une orgie de minets avec le jeune et beau Rick Belour – 22 bites bien dures se font astiquer jusqu’à l’orgasme. La 5ème partie de la série…

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