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Thanks to a strike, Loïc is going to stay over at Momo's, who is one of his workers. Mourad and Kamel, his roommates who come from the…

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Redouane runs a small building company. Today, one of his clients wants to pay him with Sex. No probs, with dignity, he's going to pull out…

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Brice Farmer is still looking for a place to live and visits a so-called 'gay' squat in Lyon. He meets Romain there who is Hugo and Hacine's cock ho! Brice is going to take advantage of a little ball emptying himself and, after exploding in his mouth, he takes this little slut back and bangs his ass silly! A 4 money shot affair filmed by Comme Des Anges.

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Ce film de sublimes minets de l'Est regroupe 4 scènes plus bandes les unes que les autres. Tout simplement un de nos meilleurs film,…

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You read it right! This collection is dedicated to all the cumshots filmed by Menoboy since its very beginning! With over 100 to choose…

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"Tu veux niquer ma sœur ? Il faudra d'abord baiser avec moi !" Sur ces paroles, Karim force son futur beau frère à le pomper dans une…

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Jassim, a 22 year-old stud, is hot this afternoon! He cruises around and finds a pair and goes back to their apartment with them. The 2…

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Hassan is 18 and likes Lacoste track suits and gets Harruel all hard without pity! He follows him into an abandoned factory where Hassan…

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To be a part of the fire team, the new recruit has to get initiated so they take him out into the forest. The chief tells him to get on his…

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Il n'avait jamais fait ça avec un autre homme... Mais aujourd'hui, Karim s'est fait chopper par un beau mec baraqué et il va prendre cher ! Direct, le keum le maintient et le déssape de force avant de lui élargir le trou avec ses doigts. Il va le préparer à recevoir une bonne sodo et le baiser comme jamais ! Notre petit rebeu ne pensait pas qu'on…

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Nassim wakes up with his boyfriend. Before going to work, he gets a good slice of sex! First, he starts sucking the, after a 69, gets out…

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This vid is flaming hot! Evan picks up a doe-eyed twink who's hungry for some huge cock and digs right in. Sofiane wants to get his licks…

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Pour fêter la fin des partiels, Kamzouze et son pote actif ont décidé de se partager le bon cul d'une lope. Les deux lascars son plutôt…

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Check out Malik and his section chief on a rescue boat in the Mediterranean. After diving, Malik comes to the surface and soon we can see…

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