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On the construction site, Martin, 20 and hot, got the job because of his hotness. He's completely in the know about this and goes along with it working almost naked! Of course the foremen checks out his painter's ass and then he climbs down the scaffolding to taste some cock! The foreman digs into that ass and you'll see cum flying like there's no…

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This Ebony stud has nuts full of cum wants to make himself useful and agreeable! He's going to go hitchhiking for a fuck so he…

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On the couch, Kevin's mugging with Quentin and can feel him coming to life in between his fingers. He sucks it the best he can,…

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A 5 man orgy has begun on a set of mattresses and the quintet of cock is navigating from mouth to mouth! The hormones are boiling…

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Guillaume treats his boyfriend Gregory like shit. He bangs him in the ass like a slut, he blows his wad in his ass and then keeps…

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Stan and Dimitri are superbly dark and muscular and meet for the first time in a Castle's park. Dimitri reals him in with his…

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After getting hot in the shower, Romain and Tanguy, 2 hung French hotties are going to go suck it up in bed! After a sizzling 69,…

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Un petit brun très mignon se fait aguicher en pleine rue par le beau Leo Helios qui le suivait depuis un moment. Une fois les…

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From time to time, Grégoire likes to sneak into the barracks to see what new recruits have come in. But he gets caught this…

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Il n'avait jamais fait ça avec un autre homme... Mais aujourd'hui, Karim s'est fait chopper par un beau mec baraqué et il va prendre cher ! Direct, le keum le maintient et le déssape de force avant de lui élargir le trou avec ses doigts. Il va le préparer à recevoir une bonne sodo et le baiser comme jamais ! Notre petit rebeu ne pensait pas…

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Nassim wakes up with his boyfriend. Before going to work, he gets a good slice of sex! First, he starts sucking the, after a 69, …

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Jess is showering up. A dude joins him and starts to suck! During which Angel Tyessen watches them from jacuzzi as he gives…

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It's not only at night that you meet someone in a club! The proof is that these 2 meet in the middle of the day when they were…

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An arrest goes south. A cop finds himself cuffed by the dealer he busted! "You're going to suck for every bro of mine you busted!…

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