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A young French couple shares their recipe for love: take two, fresh shrimp, peel them, squeeze the meat out gently, shake them around and…

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After a hard night out, Tommy discovers the hottie he brought home the next morning. Much to his pleasure he finds a muscular dude full of…

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In a suit on his way out to work, Quentin is going to wake up Wilfred who's still sleeping. The kiss is going to go into extra innings and…

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Babyfoot is a classic pastime. But when you add the winner-fucks-all rule, it's a lot more fun! After shooting a couple of balls back and…

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On the construction site, Martin, 20 and hot, got the job because of his hotness. He's completely in the know about this and goes along with it working almost naked! Of course the foremen checks out his painter's ass and then he climbs down the scaffolding to taste some cock! The foreman digs into that ass and you'll see cum flying like there's no…

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